Healthy Breakfast Banana Split with Granola & Blueberries

Dessert for breakfast? Why not if it’s healthy and nutritious?

Surprise your loved ones with this delicious and easy banana split recipe featuring a healthy twist. The star of the show is a generous sprinkle of Turtle Power Granola Coconut & Cocoa.


Turtle Power Granola Coconut & Cocoa

150g yogurt

1 banana

1 tsp of maple syrup or honey

Handful of blueberries (or any fruit you like)


  1. Begin by spreading the yogurt onto a plate.
  2. Cut the banana in half and place each half on top of the yogurt.
  3. Drizzle some maple syrup or honey. This will add more sweetness.
  4. Sprinkle a generous amount of the delicious Turtle Power Granola Coconut & Cocoa for some extra crunch.
  5. Garnish with blueberries or your favorite fruit - be creative.
  6. Enjoy!

This breakfast bowl right here is a perfect example of how easy it is to have a delightful dessert for breakfast with just a few ingredients you can find at home. And you don’t have to compromise from making healthy choices!