Our (Love) Story

turtle cereals
turtle cereals

What inspires us

How it all started 

For a long time, we had been unable to find organic cereals and cereals without added sugars. Being pregnant and then having a baby made us even more aware of the need for better breakfast alternatives. At the time both Thilo and Laurence were working full-time jobs. Laurence’s maternity leave turned out to be the time needed to Turtle.  

We chose the name Turtle, based on the story “The Tortoise & the Hare”. This story is about the race between a (slow) turtle and a (fast) hare. However, the hare quickly tires whereas the turtle slowly but steadily moves on and wins the race. This is an allegory of quick vs slow-release sugars. With wholegrain oats the energy in your body is released slowly and lasts until you reach your goals. 

We are so grateful for being able to share our love of breakfast with hundreds of thousands of you every month. For that you’ll find that we are constantly developing new products and share recipe ideas to help you create the breakfast you love! 

A love story since 2014

turtle cereals


It was during Laurence's first maternity leave in 2014 that the idea for Turtle was born.

In 2015 Turtle sold its first porridge! Here you see the very first porridges (at the end of the truck) being delivered and marking the beginning of an incredible adventure. 

turtle cereals


Turtle grows and evolves! In 2018, Turtle collaborated with Belgium's leading design agency, creating colorful and fun new packaging! It's time for a makeover. 

turtle cereals


It's great working from home. But when the boxes started reaching the ceiling, we decided to get a real office.

turtle cereals


Granola is coming! And the COVID-19... New challenge: sending products to customers working from home. Laurence, like many parents, spends three months at home with the children. But sales are soaring! 

turtle cereals


Turtle's goal has always been to make healthy products. Laurence and Thilo create a new line of organic cereals, with less sugar and with vegan and gluten-free options to offer an alternative to the big brands. Success is immediate and the range is still growing! 

turtle cereals


Since its creation, Turtle has been a great success, and this is only the beginning! Laurence and Thilo continue to put their hearts into their project, driven by their love of good food.