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Recycle with us!

See how you can upcycle and recycle our different packagings in your country

Our commitment

At Turtle, we're committed to creating products that are good for you and the planet.

All our products are 100% organic, and we source our materials fairly and responsibly.

This ensures our production meets high social standards and minimizes environmental impact.

Our packaging

Our products are sustainably packaged.

Our boxes are made from 80% recycled fibre and the outer cases we use for transport are 100%. All components in our packaging are recyclable.

We also ship your online order with biodegradable, water-soluble packing bubbles.

Make an impact

Recycling is a crucial part of our commitment to the environment. It helps reduce waste and save resources, but it can be tricky to navigate.

Check out our comprehensive recycling guide below to see how you can recycle our packaging.

Join our efforts to protect the planet.

How to recycle our product packaging

turtle cereals

Below, you will find details on our packaging materials and instructions on how to recycle them in your country.

Please note that recycling information may vary by region, so we advise you to check your local regulations.

turtle cereals
turtle cereals