DIY: Colorful Cereal Rainbow

Looking for fun and engaging ways to stimulate children's creativity? Try making a beautiful, colourful rainbow using cereals! This easy DIY project is sure to bring joy to your little ones, letting them play with their cereal in a whole new way. Follow the simple steps below and get inspired to create your own cereal rainbow.


What you need



How to proceed

Step 1: Start by drawing a rainbow with two clouds using a pen.
Step 2: Choose the order of colours for your rainbow. Be creative!
Step 3: Apply the glue between the lines of the rainbow.
Step 4: Arrange the cereals to create a beautiful rainbow.

Why this project is great for kids?

  • Boost creativity: encourage your kids to think creatively and experiment with different patterns or color combinations, let them have fun while creating a rainbow that they love.
  • Make it a group activity: this can be a great activity for siblings and family to share a moment together.