DIY 6: A Cereal Rainbow

Looking for ways to spark creativity in your kids? Why not try making a beautiful rainbow using colored cereals? It's a fun and simple DIY project that your kids will surely enjoy. Plus, they'll get to play with their cereals in a whole new way. Give it a go!

I'll let you discover the different steps right here.

The equipment

  • Glue
  • Turtle Color Loops
  • A black pen to make the drawing that will serve as a basis
  • A sheet of paper to be used as a support
The steps

1. Draw a rainbow with two clouds, as shown in the picture.

2. Choose the order of colours for your rainbow.

3. Apply the glue between the lines of the rainbow.

4. Finally, arrange the cereals in the decided order on the glue in the rainbow.

Have fun with colours to make your best rainbows! Don't forget to send us your creations or share them on social media with the tag @turtlecereals. We'll be happy to share them.