Modern Twist on the Classic Poached Pear Belle Hélène

The "Belle Hélène" Pear is a classic French dessert created in 1864 by Georges Aguste, which refers to the operetta "La Belle-Hélène" - a hit that year. It's a poached pear with melted dark chocolate, sometimes served with ice cream.

We decided to add a little modern twist to it with some Power Granola Coconut & Cocoa for an extra crunch. Instead of poaching the pear in syrup, we decided to bake the fruit. Baking brings out the natural sweetness of the pear, and by omitting the syrup, there is much less sugar. The result is a healthier, yet still delicious, version of Belle Hélène Pear.

Ingredients (2 servings)


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  2. Peel one ripe pear for each person, and then, bake the pears for 40 minutes. 
  3. While the pears are baking, melt 40g of dark chocolate in a double boiler.
  4. Take the pears out of the oven and cover them with the melted chocolate.
  5. Sprinkle Power Granola Coconut & Cocoa on top of the chocolate-covered pears. And serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice (optional). Enjoy!

Why you will love this dessert

This Belle Hélène Pear recipe with a crunchy twist is sure to impress. The combination of baked pears, rich dark chocolate, and crunchy granola is both delightful and healthier than the classic version, it's a healthy snack idea that you will enjoy. Baking concentrates the pear juice, making the fruit naturally sweet without added sugar.

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