5 ways to get kids cooking breakfast

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 1,000 times: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Acknowledging this age-old message is especially vital if you're a kid going to spend six hours in school.

However, getting kids excited about breakfast can sometimes be a challenge. One way to foster their interest and promote healthy eating habits is by involving them in the breakfast-making process! In this blog post, we will explore some creative and enjoyable ways to get kids actively engaged in preparing their own morning meals.

1. Plan and prepare the meals together

Begin by involving your children in breakfast planning and grocery shopping. Discuss the importance of a well-balanced diet with them and encourage them to come up with fresh ideas or recipes that they'd want to try. For example, you can say, "What would you like to have for breakfast this week? Would you prefer pancakes, cereals, or oatmeal? Any fruits or toppings you'd like to include?" This way, you involve them in decision-making and make them feel valued. 

Don't hesitate to take your children along when you go grocery shopping for breakfast ingredients. Give them a small shopping list with specific items, such as fruits, yogurt, bread... Encourage them to find and select the items themselves, teaching them about different food groups and making them feel responsible for their breakfast choices.

2. Asign age-appropriate tasks

Give your children age-appropriate tasks to make them feel responsible and capable. Younger children can wash fruits, arrange the table, and mix ingredients, while older children can crack eggs, measure ingredients, and use a toaster or blender with your supervision. Adjust the complexity of the assignments based on their abilities to ensure a safe and fun experience for all!

3. Make cooking fun and creative

    By introducing themed meals or promoting creativity, you may turn breakfast preparation into an enjoyable activity. For example you could shape pancakes or toast into creative shapes like animals or cartoon figures using cookie cutters. You could also add a few drops of food coloring into your pancake preparation or yogurt bowl. Allow them to discover their taste preferences by experimenting with different toppings, sauces, or combinations.

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    4. Create a breakfast challenge

      Turn breakfast-making into a friendly competition by organizing a weekly breakfast challenge. Let each child take turns being the "chef of the day." They can choose a recipe, prepare it with your guidance, and present their creation to the family. Consider providing small rewards or certificates for their efforts, emphasizing their achievements, and boosting their confidence. 

      5. Share breakfast traditions

        Discuss family breakfast traditions or customs from different cultures. Share stories about your own childhood breakfast experiences or unique recipes passed down through generations. Encourage your kids to contribute their own ideas for creating new traditions. This not only strengthens family bonds but also instills a sense of pride and heritage in their breakfast-making endeavors. 


        Involving kids in breakfast-making is a wonderful way to promote healthy eating habits, foster creativity, and strengthen family bonds. By including them in the planning, preparation, and decision-making process, we empower children to make nutritious choices and develop important life skills. With each breakfast they help create, we're not just nourishing their bodies but also instilling a love for good food and meaningful family moments. Breakfast is an opportunity to create joyful mornings and set our children on a path of lifelong healthy habits.